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What is sindri ?

The sindri light forging unit is the attempt of 2 students to create an open source high resolution 3D printer.

In contrast to the already available open solutions like rerap or makerbot, our aim is to print rather small objects with the best resolution possible. The highest resolution in rapid prototype is provided by a process called stereolithography, where a resin is cured by light. See explanation of the process below.

Our long term goal is to build a stereolithography 3D printer and provide the plans for the mechanical parts, the schematics for the electronics and the software to control them under free and open licences.

The Idea

Other projects like 3DLPrint have proven that it is possible to use a LCD projector to cure the resin in layers. We chose the same process, since using a projector is simpler then developing our own optical equipment. A building plattform is lowered into a glas tank which is filled with the resin. The software splits a 3D model up in a set of so called slices. For each layer of the object on slice is projected trough the bottom of the resin tank. After the resin has been cured by the light, the platform is lifted up one and the next slice is projected.

What's the current status ?

Unfortunately we are all a bit short of free time, so we focus rather on actual work the on update our website. If you want to stay informed on the latest developments, keep an eye on our hg repository: http://sindri.sebastians-site.de/hg/sindri/

Who are we ?

Christoph aka Obi:

  • Mechanical engineering student
  • RC-car enthusiast
  • Responsible for mechanical Hardware

Sebastian aka LongHairedHacker :

  • Applied computer science student
  • DIY electronics hacker
  • Responsible for Software and Electronics

The Name

If you ask yourself : What the ... means sindri and what the ... is light forging ?, this is the paragraph to read.
Sindri is a one of the two dwarfs who forged Mjölnir (aka. Thors hammer for those of you, who are not that much into Norse mythology). Hence we came up with the term light forging as a replacement for stereolithography, having two main advatages over the original term : It sound cooler and it's easier to type without typos. As a positive side effect, this site is going to be top hit at google for light forging, since nobody else uses this term. ;-)